About Lynn

large_lynnIn Lynn’s English class the students wrote essays on patriotism. She won a prize and received $5. This thrilled the poor, farm girl.

In her second year of college, her English teacher gave her “A’s” on her essays. She urged her to talk to her about writing. This shy girl never did.
After completing one more year of college, this co-ed remembered the gospel she had heard when in grammar school. Before, she thought of herself as a Christian because she believed this truth. At this time, the Holy Spirit made it personal. “Repent. Lynn, you are a sinner. Christ died for your sin. He arose from the dead that you might live. Repent.” She knelt by her bed and Christ came into her heart.
Her life direction changed. After graduating from Whittier College, she went to Bob Jones University. She gave her life to serving Christ in a special ministry. After she received a M.A. in Christian Education, she taught children’s Bible classes and trained adults to teach.
Once she wrote out a book and sent it out to a publisher. She knew nothing about marketing. The book came back and sat in a file drawer.
Many years later she went to Farmington, New Mexico to serve the Navajo Indian. About a year later, she met Leon Wallace at the Navajo mission. They married on December 22, 1970. She gave birth to Lynette on November 1, 1972.
About sixteen years later, the Lord took her husband home on June 22, 1987. Lynn prayed, “Lord, what will I do now?” The next Sunday she attended her brother-in-law’s church. Brother Bill preached on writing. He described her shanty though he had never seen it. Lynn knew the Lord was speaking to her. The pastor loaned her a book. His wife gave her several copies of The Christian Writer. Since July 1987 Lynn has written for her Lord.
If you want to sail calmly on life’s troubled seas, then Lynn Hardy Wallace is the speaker for you. Lynn portrays God’s healing power from depression and shares practical principles from God’s Word. She smiles at people she meets, and the joy from deep within.
Bro. Ron, a missionary to the Navajo, came to speak in Lynn’s church. He said, “What about the Navajo?”
Lynn said, “I’m not called to the Navajo.” In her heart she thought, I am not the one to work with them. Their language is too hard.
The next year Ron returned. He said, “Why don’t you come visit us for a week?”
“Okay,” Lynn said, but she looked forward to a week of vacation, not a commitment.
While there, they visited on the back side of the reservation. A resident of White Rock said, “Yá’át’ééh ,” to Lynn.
She answered, “Yá’át’ééh.” On the way home Lynn asked the missionary, “Does yá’át’ééh mean ‘hello’?
He replied, “You’re a pretty good Navajo.”
Only one word, but with it God answered one of Lynn’s arguments, “I could never learn the language.”
Lynn’s last night there, she was in the guest room with her Bible. She turned to Isaiah 42:6-7: “I the Lord have called thee…to open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.”
Navajos are blinded to the truth; they sit in the prison house of sin; they sit in darkness. God spoke to Lynn from these words. She could no longer argue, “God has not called me to the Navajo.”
Lynn went to the Navajo. While there, she met a certain man, Leon Wallace. They wed, and God gave them a child, Lynette.
After God took Leon home, He called Lynn to write for Him.

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