About Lynn’s Book

Lynn observed that women in today’s society keep busy. Perplexing problems trouble them. The Lord laid this book, Our Lifeship, on her heart to try to help these women.

As she studied the book of Proverbs, she discovered in chapter 1 it talks about a ship. She listed verses in Proverbs that pertain to guiding our lifeship in different aspects of our lives.
Christ is the Captain of this ship. As we give Him the helm, He will direct our paths in the right direction.
The pirates seek to lead us off into devious ways. If we follow them, we will ground our ship on the coral reefs. Our Captain is greater than the pirate captain, Satan. If we put Jesus first, He will guard us from the rocks and shoals.
This does not mean we live free from problems. But our Captain will guide us safely on these rough seas. At last, we will land safely on the portals of heaven with Him.
Each chapter divides into different sections. It begins with an introductory paragraph, discusses the Captain and the pirates, gives an example from modern-day life, gives Biblical examples of Women Who Shipwrecked, and Women Who Navigated Well, The Captain Calls, Challenges Today’s Women Face, and concludes with Give the Helm to Jesus. Each chapter is short to fit with in with women’s busy schedules. My hope is that women may be directed to give their lives to the Captain.

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