Endorsements of Lynn’s Book

Endorsements of Lynn’s Book, Our Lifeship: A Stidy in Proverbs for Women

Donna Smith who edited Victory Herald (online) said, “Lynn explains her text in a most convincing and knowledgeable way. The structure of the text and in the information included with the content leads itself to testimony and witnessing in public devotions.”

Rita says, “I’m reading your book, Our Lifeship,” for the second time, and finding even greater inspiration in it this time. Your love for Him shines brightly through your writing.”

Linda says, “Lynn’s book is a wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Rebekah at Church Libraries says, “Lynn served as a missionary to Navajo Indians, and is, therefore qualified to offer advice on aspects of sacrifice, discipline, witnessing, sharing, teaching and loving…I recommend this to newly converted women who are seeking to know basic tenets of the Christian life.”

Lynn, though weary, spoke at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference at Estes Park when Marlene Bagnull, the director, asked for volunteers. Many commented that her speech helped them. One said that Lynn has a good speaking voice (from a piece in the Win Informer).

Monroe wrote, “Your book is real good. The Lord gave you some good things to write about to help people understand a lot of things the Bible says.”

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About Lynn Wallace

Lynn and her late husband, Leon, served as missionaries to the Navajo. After 16 years of a wonderful marriage, God called him home to heaven. Shortly, thereafter, God called Lynn to write. Editors published many articles, two curriculum packages. She met many perplexed and busy women. She wrote Our Lifeship to help these women. She experienced four breakdowns and depression herself. God gave her victory, peace and joy afterwards. She thanks God that He gave her something she loved to do.