Speaking and Writing Credits

Lynn is available for Speaking and Ministry Opportunities. For more information about her background and experience click here. Information and availability below: Speaking and Writing Credits

Publishers have published over eighty of Lynn’s articles. Ambassador-Emerald published her first book in 2008. Lynn received her first royalties in 2009. Her book excites people who know about it.

Lynn has spoken at CCWC at Estes Park, Canyon View Baptist Church ladies, Toastmasters, and CLASS Services. Several have said, “Your talk helped me.” Others said, “You have a good speaking voice.”

Available Topics

· The Tongue Spues Out Fire · Sailing Calm When Troubles Come · Lynn’s Life Story · A Twist of Events: Missionary to Writer · Sailing Calm in Poverty


Lynn can speak at retreats, mother/daughter banquets/luncheons, workshops, ladies’ meetings, conferences, or camp meetings.

In Conclusion

Lynn smiles wherever she goes. Joy and peace bubble up from deep within her heart. Both her writing and her speaking reflect her sense of humor. She bears a calm and serious demeanor, but has not always sailed calmly on life’s troubled seas.

For more information please contact Lynn Wallace at 61943 W. Oak Grove Rd., Montrose CO 81403; e-mail me at

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